I am Madhav Ranade - the owner of this website. I have done B. Tech from IIT Mumbai in 1976. Subsequently, I have completed DBM and DFM from Mumbai University in 1977 and 1982 respectively.

Stock market has been my passion from 1977 and that is the main reason why he did DFM in 1982.

I started doing Fundamental analysis that time onwards on an amateur basis. I  was always fascinated by Technical Analysis but never got time till 2002 to study same seriously due to involvement in professional engineering activities.

However,I was convinced that both the Fundamental as well as Technical analysis are complementary activities and one is incomplete without the other. When you find the stock that is fundamentally interesting, the Technicals will help you in picking up the right entry point and your knowledge of Fundamentals will help you in choosing realistic targets – either lower or upper – whenever you see a technical break-out.

Both can work independently as well but efficacy will be vastly enhanced in conjunction with the other – like 1 over 1 becomes 11.

I have been running several SUMAMURA groups on Yahoo platform for more than 4 years.