Please have a look at all archives. My trading guidance posted on-line in several paid modules is archived at specific intervals. I will keep open a small window for free members to use my trading levels for a short duration of time towards the end of the useful life.

For example - my nifty intra levels will get archived at 1.30 PM every day. They will be still valid till the end of the day. Same way weekly levels will be archived on Friday by 10 AM. They will still be useful till 3.30 PM that day. Monthly levels will be archived on every 26th at 12 noon.

My postings on Yahoo Messenger will also be available in the free membership area of the website with maximum ten minutes delay. This is for the benefit of people who log-in late or log-in intermittently. At the end of the day all the posts will be stored in an archive section which can be accessed by anyone anytime for reference.