People who don’t have time or inclination to nurture their own investment portfolio should consider entrusting  their funds to  MFs( Mutual Funds ).

These are available in few broad categories like closed / open ended  (depending on time frame ) or equity / balanced / debt funds ( depending on asset allocation). There is lot of further segmentation within above broad groups.

We have tied up with one of the best person in the field who is knowledgeable as well as well as honest / ethical.  We are sure that he will always put an investor’s interest ahead of his own interest. This means he will always give you the best possible advise depending on your investment horizon / immediate - future needs and your investment psychology.

Please get in touch by email about your MF needs and he will get in touch with you at the earliest.

To start with, this service is restricted to pune Mumbai and surrounding areas.

We are on the look out for MF advisors with similar profile / qualities in other geographies as well.

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